How to Survive and Thrive through College

Part of the reason I started this blog and my TikTok account is to bridge the lack of accessible college advice for students who are already in college. I think I saw a couple podcasts that discussed student success and tips but they have either been discontinued or were made by students and discussed more of the how-to-built-good-study-habits related content instead of how to navigate the system, student rights and policies, etc.

I’ve come across college programs and organizations that prepare students for college but those programs and organizations don’t seem to do anything beyond college admissions. And they have costs and fees associated with them. In my experience as a college adviser, students need support and assistance while in college but are not always open to reach out for help. Sometimes they don’t even know who they can reach out to for help.

I can think back to when I was a college student. I would look everything up online and hope they knew what they were talking about so I didn’t have to wait to talk to someone on campus at a scheduled appointment time or during an office hour that I was not available to attend because of work or other. I assume I am not alone in thinking this way. We live in a time where everything arrives an hour after ordering but we want it before we even order it. I have definitely seen the same sense of urgency in my students today (and since I started working to advocate and support student success).

Almost every job I’ve had has been at a college. My first job was working at a college gym facility, at university I worked at the international student services center. Now, I work as a college academic adviser and for the past 5+ years I’ve been helping students comprehend how college works, supporting their needs outside of the classroom to support their academic success, and so much more. I inform student’s parents of the true length of time it takes to complete a college degree (hint: it varies on the student, their priorities, responsibilities, etc.), if a college degree is necessary or even needed for what the student wants to do, how many classes a student should take each term (hint: it varies on the student, their priorities, responsibilities, etc.), and so much more.

All of my education related posts on this blog, Instagram, and TikTok are questions my college students ask me. This blog, in particular, is meant to be an informative way to be more aware of the ins and outs of college: your rights as a student, what services and resources are available to you at colleges, and questions you have that your fellow peers may not be able to answer. It’s meant to be free, accessible, and informative. Direct information that you can see in a short TikTok video (@disvillainsscholar) or in a more detailed blog post. Whether you are waiting for a response, professor office hours, a college adviser appointment, or grades to post I hope my content makes you feel at ease moving forward and gives you more options to consider as you continue your education and career pathway.

In the future I’m thinking of doing a podcast to talk with working professionals about their education and whether or not college was necessary for them, advice they would give for students wanting to do what they do, and college tips and tricks. That is a bit of a long shot, a future Kaytie project. In the meantime, let me know in the comments (or on my Instagram or TikTok accounts) if you have any questions, concerns, or other regarding anything college/university! I’d love to hear what students at all colleges are pursuing, what questions they have for their own college/university, etc.!

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