My Podcast Won an Award

The Wonderful World of Disney Villains Podcast won an award (technically two)! The Davey Awards announced the winners of the 17th annual Davey Awards today. The award winners and honorees are selected by The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, and I am so appreciative and privileged to be one of them. The podcast wonContinue reading “My Podcast Won an Award”

Season 2 of The Wonderful World of Disney Villains Podcast

I’m back for Season 2 of The Wonderful World of Disney Villains podcast! Check out the first two episodes (makeup trends in Disney characters and if Cruella de Vil is actually a redeemable character) now on Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, or Podbean.

Disney’s Big Shot left the Adoption Story half-told and I think it hurts more because of it

My family and I decided to binge watch the new Disney+ original show Big Shot. It’s a story about a basketball coach (John Stamos) who is at the peak of his career only to go back to ground zero after throwing a chair in frustration and hitting a referee (first 2 minute spoiler, sorry). HeContinue reading “Disney’s Big Shot left the Adoption Story half-told and I think it hurts more because of it”

My Complicated Feelings about Disney’s Cruella Movie

“Cruella de vil~ Cruella de vil~ if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will” Disney’s new Cruella movie recently premiered on Disney+ and movie theaters. As a Disney villain fan I caved and bought the movie on Disney+. Cruella de Vil has always been one of my guilty pleasure villains. I hate that sheContinue reading “My Complicated Feelings about Disney’s Cruella Movie”

College Admissions Season

It is college admissions season! Students are receiving letters, or have already received letters, from the universities they applied to about admissions. Students are being told they are accepted, rejected, maybe even waitlisted (depending on the university). I believe it is important to say this, and say this frequently… an acceptance or rejection letter fromContinue reading “College Admissions Season”

Disney’s History with Asian Characters and Actors

The newest episode of the podcast is dedicated to the Asian characters in the Disney vault. The episode takes a look back at the history of Asian characters in Disney films and TV shows. I learned a lot from researching this episode, such as how movies starring women of color tend to be movies aboutContinue reading “Disney’s History with Asian Characters and Actors”

Stop AAPI Hate

*This post is not meant to do a deep dive and be informational. I’m merely reflecting and dropping all my random thoughts here. If you’re interested in my deep dive informational medium please check out the Black and Yellow podcast, available on Apple podcast and Spotify.* Seriously… I don’t even know what to say anymore.Continue reading “Stop AAPI Hate”

Standardized Racism

When you think about standardized testing, what is your initial thought or reaction? For me, my instant thought is “ugh, standardized testing”. I have very strong and heated thoughts about standardized testing. I don’t think they should be a requirement for education and I think they are racist, ableist, and classist. Let me explain. (IfContinue reading “Standardized Racism”

How to Survive and Thrive through College

Part of the reason I started this blog and my TikTok account is to bridge the lack of accessible college advice for students who are already in college. I think I saw a couple podcasts that discussed student success and tips but they have either been discontinued or were made by students and discussed moreContinue reading “How to Survive and Thrive through College”

Is College Really Necessary?

To go to college or not go to college… Was that even a thought you were allowed to have? I think high schools are very pushy when it comes to college. For good reason! It’s very important to prepare students for college but there’s also harm in not preparing them for… LITERALLY. ANYTHING. ELSE. IContinue reading “Is College Really Necessary?”