Standardized Racism

When you think about standardized testing, what is your initial thought or reaction? For me, my instant thought is “ugh, standardized testing”. I have very strong and heated thoughts about standardized testing. I don’t think they should be a requirement for education and I think they are racist, ableist, and classist. Let me explain. (IfContinue reading “Standardized Racism”

Is College Really Necessary?

To go to college or not go to college… Was that even a thought you were allowed to have? I think high schools are very pushy when it comes to college. For good reason! It’s very important to prepare students for college but there’s also harm in not preparing them for… LITERALLY. ANYTHING. ELSE. IContinue reading “Is College Really Necessary?”

Bouncing Back from a Bad Midterm Grade

It’s midterm season! Are you already calculating what your final grade will be? Being a college student is challenging. Being a college student during a pandemic is a straight up HOT MESS. Are you here to read about that awful midterm grade you got and how to come back from it? Read on. So youContinue reading “Bouncing Back from a Bad Midterm Grade”