Season 2 of The Wonderful World of Disney Villains Podcast

I’m back for Season 2 of The Wonderful World of Disney Villains podcast! Check out the first two episodes (makeup trends in Disney characters and if Cruella de Vil is actually a redeemable character) now on Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, or Podbean.

My Complicated Feelings about Disney’s Cruella Movie

“Cruella de vil~ Cruella de vil~ if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will” Disney’s new Cruella movie recently premiered on Disney+ and movie theaters. As a Disney villain fan I caved and bought the movie on Disney+. Cruella de Vil has always been one of my guilty pleasure villains. I hate that sheContinue reading “My Complicated Feelings about Disney’s Cruella Movie”

Podcast Episode 6: Female Representation in Disney Princess Films

The newest episode of my podcast, The Wonderful World of Disney Villains, is now available on Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, Podbean, and iHeartRadio. In this episode I chatted with the cohost of The Bechdel Cast podcast, Caitlin Durante, about everything DISNEY and FEMALE. Some of the topics we discussed include (but are not limitedContinue reading “Podcast Episode 6: Female Representation in Disney Princess Films”

Books Analyzing Disney Content

I love Disney scholar books. I call them Disney scholar books, I don’t know what the actual genre is called. Disney scholar books and discussions led me to start my podcast, the Wonderful World of Disney Villains. I find them fascinating, engaging, and I love analyzing Disney in a new way. Which is funny toContinue reading “Books Analyzing Disney Content”

What’s a Disney Villains Scholar?

There is no set definition of a Disney scholar or Disney Villains Scholar (as far as I’m aware). To me, being a Disney Villains Scholar means I like to look and analyze Disney Villains from an academic, theory, media studies, and cultural studies lens. I like to get into the nitty gritty of why theyContinue reading “What’s a Disney Villains Scholar?”