College Admissions Season

It is college admissions season! Students are receiving letters, or have already received letters, from the universities they applied to about admissions. Students are being told they are accepted, rejected, maybe even waitlisted (depending on the university).

I believe it is important to say this, and say this frequently… an acceptance or rejection letter from a college DOES NOT VALIDATE YOUR WORTH. You should not compare your self worth to how many acceptance and/or rejection letters you receive. Receiving an acceptance or rejection letter should not improve or de-value you. You are valuable and worthy regardless of a college admissions letter. They do not define you. College is only one step, one milestone, of your life. There are so many other, sometimes , more important milestones and factors of your life. Whether you go to college or not is an entirely separate conversation (see “Is College Really Necessary?” post).

I don’t know what led to college admissions letters hurting our feelings. They’re literally a piece of paper. Paper beats rock, not human emotions.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I have my share of rejection letters and emails from both colleges and jobs. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. How can you strive harder and do more if you’re content with where you already are? [Although sometimes where you are is great and requires no further improvement or development].

Failure is success if you learn from it.

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