Staying Organized

Having a full time job, being a full time mother, and being a part time podcaster, blogger, and more takes a lot of time. Everyone stays organized in different ways.

For me, I’ve gone through a few different methods to stay organized. Some worked and some did not work. I was always into physical planners with the fancy highlights, stickers, and more. I couldn’t keep up with that. It took more to actually design and set it up than to write in and refer to it. When bullet journals became a thing I just laughed. If I can’t keep up with a ready made template how would I make my own? That being said, I love looking at other people’s bullet journals and designs via Instagram.

For the longest time I used the Calendar app in my phone to remind me of when things needed to be done or when I needed to be somewhere. I still use it today when scheduling meetings with other podcasters to collaborate. While I was in grad school I created a Time Diary via Microsoft Excel. Literally a block by block of what I do every half hour of every day. I had started it my first term in grad school because I was struggling to manage a full time course load with a full time job while working and living over an hour away from school and work. My professor recommended a Time Diary. I did it for a month then met with them again and showed it to them. The Time Diary is supposed to show you the pockets of time you have amidst everything you’re doing. I had none of those, literally. I was also at the beginning of planning my wedding but I don’t think that took up as much time as work, school, and travel.

Throughout this entire time I was using Microsoft Outlook for work specific things. I really liked being able to see everything for the entire day. In 2020 I found the Zinnia app, a digital planner available on ipads and I think iphones. I am not affiliated with them, I just really like their app. It reminds me of a digital bullet journal but there are planner templates if you’d rather use those instead. I like it because there’s so much variety in designs, backgrounds, stickers, fonts, and more. I don’t have to worry about ink smearing or bleeding to the other side, I don’t have to worry about accidentally misspelling or my handwriting not being perfect. I’m able to easily take it with me, since I carry my phone everywhere.

Organization and staying organized depends on what you know works for you versus what does not work for you. Some people hate planners, others love them. Some are okay with phone reminders or emails, some people just memorize everything they need to do. If you’re struggling to stay organized feel free to try different methods! Test it out for a week, if it doesn’t work try something else. Don’t invest in planners, pretty pens, etc. unless you know you’re going to use it. It would be a financial waste to use it for a week and never again (that’s a lot of unused weeks. you know).

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Disney scholar, mom, educator, and Disney villain fan.

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